What Can You Expect When Building a Tiny Home?

Learn about the our process here at AL Tiny Homes

AL Tiny Homes handles the entire building process for your tiny home – from the initial concept to the final delivery. Our construction team builds all tiny homes off-site at our shop to ensure quality, measurement accuracy, etc.

After the initial consultation and design stages, the primary tiny home building process is broken into four stages:

1) Framing – translating the design concepts presented and building a base foundation
2) Roofing & siding – adding on exterior elements for protection and functionality, includes sheathing
3) Plumbing & electrical – making the home livable, adding in these necessary components
4) Turnkey ready – ensuring all minor and major components are addressed & triple-checked

From the initial consultation to the final home delivery, the process takes about 6 to 8 weeks. That’s right – you can completely transform your life in only a couple months. While living in a tiny home can be revolutionary, it can be extremely beneficial for your life and most importantly for your wallet.

To get started on your custom built tiny home design, contact Mount Olive’s number one construction specialist immediately.